The Najja Community Orphanage and Widows Initiative touches the lives of hundreds of children

Najja Community Orphanage and Widows Initiative is a non-profit community based organisation formed six years ago, dedicated to supporting, protecting, assisting, and providing opportunities and hope to orphans and widows in Uganda.


You can join us in this good cause today, either by through financial support or material contribution

Through collaborations with the government authorities and local councils, we encourage the parents and guardians to educate their children and assist in improving the education facilities through self-help projects and other means


Our Vision and Mission:

A self sustaining community empowered with the appropriate skills to love and care for the orphans and widows.

Our Mission is to proivide a decent livelihood to the orphans and widows in our community.

Najja Community Orphanage and Widows Initiative (NACOW) is a community organisation registered in Kampala, Uganda for the main purpose of helping, assisting, rehabilitating, and maintaining our unfortunate brothers and sisters in the parishes and sub-counties of Najjanankumbi. The disadvantaged people mainly include orphans, refugees, the handicapped, widows, single mothers and destitutes who we provide with accommodation, medical facilities, clothing, food and employment in some cases.

Widows Initiative

The Widows' Initiative's main objective is to help, assist, rehabilitate and maintain the unfortunate brothers and sisters